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    What Is A Leased Line?

    A leased line connects premises with a fibre optic data network. Since a leased line is a dedicated service, your company won’t have to share bandwidth with any other businesses. You receive the same upload and download speeds starting from 50 Mbps upload and download all the way up to and above 10Gbps upload and download, depending on the installed bearer, because the bandwidth is symmetric. As the service uses fibre optic lines, you can achieve speeds to meet your business’s needs.

    Benefits of Leased Lines

    A leased line has the benefits of being dedicated, quick, symmetric, and supported by an appropriate business service level agreements (SLA). This covers the connection availability, speed, jitter and packet loss which provides peace of mind when keeping your business connected. Your company uses the line exclusively; no other users share the bandwidth. For file sharing, VoIP, and cloud applications, you get the same upload and download speed. The offered rate does not impose any limitations on you. If your company requires more beyond 10Gbps, there are options.


    A dedicated service is one that is not shared. Other broadband services are pooled and can have delays during peak hours, such as lunch. Even if other firms use the leased line internet access excessively, a dedicated service doesn’t slow down.

    Un-contended is a phrase you may have heard. Technically speaking, the word “uncontended” also denotes “committed.” You may just utilise the line. It’s similar to having a commute route where you know there won’t be any traffic during peak travel times.


    The quickest business broadband service available is provided through fibre lines. You can have speeds more than 10 Gbps, if you can afford it! Dedicated bandwidth combined with high speed results in a very quick business internet connection. When you acquire 1 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth, you will receive 1 Gbps of dependable upload and download bandwidth for your company’s exclusive use.

    Compare this to other internet packages (ADSL, FTTC, SoGEA, FTTP), which typically off download speeds of 10 to 300Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 120Mbps. As you can see, the speed capability is substantially higher and you don’t share the connection with neighbours.


    Symmetric means that the service’s upload and download speeds are equivalent. 1Gbps upload and 1Gbps download, for instance. The upload and download speeds of other broadband services are asymmetric, therefore they differ. For instance, FTTC can have download speeds of up to 80 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

    Because you can upload at the same speed as you download, symmetric bandwidth can be useful. Fast upload speeds mean that cloud programmes like CRM will run more rapidly, huge files will be sent more swiftly, and VoIP call quality will be improved.

    Business Service Level Agreements

    Service level agreements are the guarantees you receive with this type of internet service (SLA). The commitment is detailed in the contract and differs depending on the provider. If promises are broken, the telecom operator may be subject to service credits, which are typically financial penalties.

    Guarantees jitter, round trip time, packet loss, speed, and uptime. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what these technical terminology represent. We will delve deeper into these concepts and explain why they are crucial.

    Drawbacks of Leased Lines

    The drawbacks are price and flexibility.

    Prices range from £200 per month to over £1000 per month. The costs are significantly higher than those of an ADSL, FTTC, or FTTP connection. You must sign a contract for at least a year. A 36-month contract is typically necessary if you wish to avoid installation expenses. Installation of the line will take 45 to 90 working days, and there will be extra fees if you need to move it.

    How Would I Know If I Need A Leased Line?

    It is possible that the higher expense of a fibre connection is justified if you have a large workforce or if your business would cease to exist without internet access. The bandwidth availability SLA and guaranteed fix times in the event of a breakdown make fibre more expensive than broadband or FTTC, but they are very beneficial. The expense of an outage frequently exceeds the higher cost of fibre by a wide margin.

    The service level agreements for jitter, packet loss, and round trip time that are specific to VoIP provide the assurance of bandwidth quality required to run VoIP applications successfully. You will also lose voice and data services if there is an outage. Due to the increased benefits linked to the SLA, the greater cost is justified for these reasons.

    Some organisations require greater speed to function effectively. Your company may occasionally be far from the carrier network due to its location. Slow speed and poor DSL, FTTC, and EFM performance can be caused by geographic considerations. You might live in a distant area with slow broadband. You might need to upgrade to 100Mbps or 1Gbps fibre since your current broadband service is no longer enough. A fibre circuit gives your company future-proofing and as much speed as you can afford.

    You could also need more bandwidth than what broadband DSL can provide if your organisation relies on moving huge volumes of data. Engineers, design firms, architects, and medical professionals frequently access and send enormous files. Businesses that use VoIP and cloud apps also need a lot of transfer capacity. If you transfer a lot of data, a fibre line’s speed can be necessary.

    How To Access The Best Leased Line Deal

    Comparing prices has been shown to be the most efficient strategy to cut costs and make sure you receive the best bargain. Did you know that purchasing a Provider service from a Wholesale partner is frequently less expensive than doing so directly with the respective Provider? Comparing providers near you can be difficult due to the UK’s large number of suppliers. Let Consider I.T. Solutions use our existing panel of affiliated partners to identify the best solution for you.

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